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The Dobson Association, 2719 S Reyes, Mesa, AZ  85202
Office: 480-831-8314  Fax: 480-491-8128  Email: nroggio@nulldobsonranch.com

The Ranchers’ RoundUp is a full COLOR magazine and is the official publication of the Dobson Ranch Homeowners Association. It is published on or around the 10th of every month and is mailed to approximately 5,000 homes. The advertising and payment deadline is the 10th of the month prior to publication (i.e. May 10th for June issue). The Ranchers’ RoundUp magazine may be viewed at dobsonranch.com.

The ad sizes/costs for 2022 are:

DISPLAY AD SIZE WIDTH/HEIGHT 3 month Contract 6 month Contract 12 month Contract
1/16 PAGE 1.75”W  x  2.375”H $177.00/qtr.
$59.00/mo. or  $65.00 for a 1 mo. trial run$168.00**
$324.00/6 mo.
$576.00/12 mo.
$48.00/mo. $550.00**
1/8 PAGE 3.5”W  x  2.375”H $273.00/qtr.
$91.00/mo. or $100.00 for a 1 mo. trial run$260.00**
$516.00/6 mo.
$960.00/12 mo.
$80.00/mo. $918.00**
1/4 PAGE 3.5”W  x  4.75”H $480.00/qtr.
$160.00/mo. or $175.00 for a 1 mo. trial run$460.00**
$932.00/6 mo.
$155.00/mo. $890.00**
$1800.00/12 mo.
$150.00/mo. $1715.00**
1/2 PAGE 7”W  x  4.75”H $870.00/qtr.
$290.00/mo. or $318.00 for a 1 mo. trial run$827.00**
$1698.00/6 mo.
$283.00/mo. $1625.00**
$3336.00/12 mo.
$278.00/mo. $3180.00**

** 2022 INCENTIVE: DISCOUNTED PRICE IF PAID IN FULL IN ONE PAYMENT - If you pay your advertising cost in full at the time you place your first ad  you will receive a 5% reduction to the ad cost.

DISPLAY ADVERTISING:  Display advertising is offered in 3-month, 6-month and 12-month contracts, or a 1-month trial run. Contracts must be paid in full at time of ad placement unless other arrangements have been made with the Editor. Prompt payments are the responsibility of the advertiser. Payments must be made by check, payable to The Dobson Association, and can be mailed or dropped off at the Administration Office. Non-payment or payments received after the 10th of the month will result in ad cancellation or a $20 late fee. Over the phone payments cannot be accepted.  The deadline is the 10th of the month prior to publication. Submit ads to nroggio@nulldobsonranch.com.

CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING: Classified ads are limited to 40 words. Only the first few heading words will be printed in bold. All business and non-resident classified advertising is $1.00/word. Cost for resident’s non-business classified advertising is $0.50/word. Applicable tax will be added to amount due. Payment is due at the time of ad placement. Prompt payments are the responsibility of the advertiser. Payments may be made online at dobsonranch.com, by mail or in person. Non-payment or payments received after the 10th of the month will result in ad cancellation. Over the phone payments are not accepted. Contracts are not required for classified advertising. The deadline is the 10th of the month prior to publication. Submit ads to nroggio@nulldobsonranch.com.

Deadline dates will be firm.  All advertising and payments must be submitted by the 10th of the month. Advertisers will receive one reminder of the deadline date. Placement or space in the magazine cannot be guaranteed, as advertising space is limited. The numbers of similar type advertisers are not limited, but will be spaced out throughout the publication. We do reserve the right to reject advertising, which is not in keeping with the Ranchers’ RoundUp standards.

AD DESIGN ASSISTANCE: If help is needed in creating an ad, please contact Nancy Roggio, Editor at 480-831-8314 for more information. Pricing depends on size of ad and on the complexity of the design requested, however design fees are very reasonable.


- DispAd samplelay ads must be submitted in a color, camera ready .pdf or .jpg file, maximum of 10 MB in size. Scanned ads are not acceptable.
- Graphics obtained from websites are not acceptable. The resolution is too low for reproduction.
- Save all images at 200 dpi. (NOTE: higher resolution does not enhance quality for reproduction. It only makes files larger).
- Precision of color cannot be guaranteed. The Publisher uses four-color-creation (CMYK) while many programs utilize a three-color (RGB).
- Please make sure font is clear and large enough to be read when published. Font sizes 8 point or smaller should not be used in your ad. Be sure to print your ad at 100% size to check if type is readable before submitting.

Sample 1/16 size ad & font sizes

ALL ADVERTISING: Per the Legislature House Bill 2371, all unlicensed persons advertising they perform contracted services must include “not a licensed contractor” in their ads, and all licensed contractors must place their license number in any advertising, preceded by the acronym “ROC”.
For assistance in placing an ad, please contact the Nancy Roggio, Editor at 480-831-8314 or email nroggio@nulldobsonranch.com.  We appreciate your business!