• 2719 S. Reyes
  • Mesa, AZ 85202
  • Administration: 480-831-8314
  • Recreation Department: 480-831-7464


Private Function Rental

La Casita Recreation Center is designed to accommodate weddings, reunions, birthdays and many other events, both large and small; and available to residents only. To reserve a space, please call the Recreation Department at 480-831-7464 during weekday business hours to check availability and rates.

Rental Information: Dobson Ranch HOA > Home (recdesk.com) 

  1. Room rentals shall be booked outside of a 30-day window in order to staff and prepare properly for your event. 
  2. All reservations shall be made through Dobson Ranch HOA > Home (recdesk.com) using a debit or credit card. 
  3. All room rental space includes the use of tables and chairs.
  4. Rental fees are due two weeks prior to your event date. Your security deposit is due at the time of the reservation which reserves your space. No payments can be made over the phone and must be processed through RecDesk.
  5. Reservations may be canceled up to 14 days before scheduled event and all deposits will be refunded.  Any reservations canceled less than 14 days before a scheduled event shall forfeit all of the deposit.
  6. Rental Fee payments are not collected until a copy of the responsible parties Declaration page of homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, Special Event Insurance (alcohol only), Certificate of Insurance from outside vendors (when applicable), Room Layout, and signed Rules and Regulations form are received.
  7. certificate of insurance must be submitted to the Recreation Department for all outside vendors 14 days prior to the event date. Outside vendors include but are not limited to food caterers or inflatables. Dobson Ranch reserves the right to cancel the event if all payments, insurance and documents are not presented on time. 
  8. Please read the facility rules and regulations below.

Room Rental Hours: Facilities may be rented Sunday through Saturday 8:00 am to 9:00pm. 

Security Deposit: The full deposit amount will be refunded within thirty (30) days after your event is held, contingent upon all rules and regulations of the rental contract being followed.  The security deposit cannot be applied toward the rental fee. The refund will be processed to your debit or credit card through RecDesk. 

Alcohol: Alcohol is permitted for either the Grande or the Chica Room Rental. An off-duty police officer must be hired through Dobson Ranch from the City of Mesa with a 3-hour minimum. For rentals with 151 or more attendees, two officers must be hired  for a minimum of 3 hours. Please ask the Recreation Department for current pricing.  In addition, you must submit proof of a special event insurance with a minimum of $1,000,000 coverage naming Dobson Ranch Homeowners Association as additionally insured. 

La Casita Recreation Center’s Grande Room Capacity: 115

La Casita Recreation Center’s Chica Room Capacity: 50

Both Grande Room and Chica Room NOTE: Partition between both the Grande Room and Chica Room opens up to allow for the extra space* Capacity: 165 

Kitchen NOTE: Attached to Grande and can only be rented with the Grande Room.

La Casita Entertainment Area (Available to residents only, not available to reserve online) NOTE: Holds 30 people in the gated area to the west of La Casita Pool. The pool is not inclusive use during this rental and will still be open to the residents. This includes use of 2 Rectangle tables and 15 folding chairs in addition to the picnic benches. Capacity: 30

Sunset Plaza: Capacity: 100

Laguna Park 

NOTE: The Recreation Department requires residents to please fill out a Park Reservation Application in order to reserve an area of the park. Please contact them at 480-831-7464 for any questions. *A certificate of insurance must be submitted for all outside vendors 14 days prior to the event date. Outside vendors include but are not limited to, food caterers, porta potties, and inflatables.

Chair and Table Rental

table and chairs

 (Available to residents only, not available to reserve online) Chairs and tables may be rented from La Casita Recreation Center for private functions that are not held in Dobson Ranch recreation facilities. The resident must provide full pickup and return of items. Equipment must be returned clean and in working condition. If not, deposit will be forfeited. The deposit is due at time of rental to hold your reservation. Deposit: $50.00 refundable deposit (49 or less chairs) $75.00 refundable deposit (50-74 chairs) $100.00 refundable deposit (75 + chairs). Rental fees: $1.00 per chair. $8.00 per 6’x3′ rectangle table. Dobson Ranch HOA activities, events and meetings take precedent over the reservations.