• 2719 S. Reyes
  • Mesa, AZ 85202
  • Administration: 480-831-8314
  • Recreation Department: 480-831-7464

Information for Realtors

Applicable fees due to change of ownership within the Dobson Association.

  1. Transfer Fee = $200
  2. Disclosure fee = $200
  3. 2024 Assessments = $159.75 billed quarterly
  4. Prepaid association fees = prepaid assessments will be based on the close of escrow date
  5. There is a $90 rush fee on demand requests from title
  6. All fees will be disclosed on the demand statement provided to the title company, as well as, to the buyer as part of the disclosure packet.
  7. There are currently no Capital Improvement fees or Special Assessments.
  8. There are several sub associations located within the Dobson Association that have additional fees and assessments. Please be sure to contact those associations for a breakdown of their charges.