• 2719 S. Reyes
  • Mesa, AZ 85202
  • Administration: 480-831-8314
  • Recreation Department: 480-831-7464

Committee Application

CC&R Committee (Ad-Hoc)

Nicole Lynam, Chairperson at nlynam@nulldobsonranch.com.

Budget and Finance Committee

The Budget and Finance Committee is an advisory committee to the Board of Directors. They review the annual budget and advise the Board prior to adoption. They review the investments of the Association and make recommendations. They also review request for proposals and make recommendations on vendors. This committee is comprised of up to seven members that are volunteers. The Budget and Finance Committee meets on the Monday prior to the regular Open Session Board of Directors Meetings in the Grande Room at La Casita Recreation Center at 6:30 pm. 
For more information, contact Spencer Jarvis, Chairperson at (jarvis.spencer@nullgmail.com).  

Dobson Ranch Architectural Committee


The DRAC Committee reviews the architectural changes submitted by the members of the Association. They meet on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm at La Casita Recreation Center. Please contact the office at 480-831-8314 for more information, or email hoa.admin@nulldobsonranch.com.

Nicole Lynam, Chairperson

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Master Planning Committee

The Master Planning Committee is comprised of volunteers that review reserve study projects and capital investments. They make recommendations to the Board on common areas such as parks, recreation facilities, swimming pools, and other recreation areas. There are up to seven members and they often work in conjunction with other committees for the betterment of Dobson Ranch. This Committee meets on the first Thursday of the month  at 7:00 pm in the Grande Room at La Casita Recreation Center. Check the Events Calendar for details.

For more information, contact Tim McElrath, Chairperson at (Tim@nullMcElrath.me).

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Recreation Committee


Objective: To improve the quality of life in Dobson Ranch through enhanced community spirit; to conduct annual community recreational activities that provide family fun and bring the community together, and to seek out additional opportunities to provide activities and facilities for the enjoyment of the residents of Dobson Ranch.

The Recreation Committee meets the first Tuesday of the month (dates are subject to change). The meeting starts at 5:00 p.m. in the Chica Room at La Casita Recreation Center.

For more information or if you are interested, please contact Chairperson, Rich Bitner by email at rebitner@nullcs.com.

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Water and Lake Management Committee

This committee's role is to provide input and recommendations to the Dobson Association Board of Directors and Staff regarding matters that pertain to the use of water on the Ranch.

The Water and Lake Management Committee meets the second Monday of each month at 5:30 pm in the Chica Room at La Casita Recreation Center. No meetings in July or August.

For more information, contact Joe Trickett, Chairperson at (Joseph.trickett@nullgmail.com)

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